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CoreNet Global Australia: Elevating spaces through sensory design technology

Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2024 to Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Venue: Flex by ISPT ColliderSydney, ACT, Australia

Sound and scent strategies can elevate people’s experiences and help create high-performance buildings. Moodsonic partner Marcus Rose will be speaking at this CoreNet Global event in Sydney about sensory design and the technology that can make it happen.

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"Our next CRE tech event will explore how sensory design and technology can elevate spaces to support both our well-being and performance.

Joining us to share his fascinating insights and examples is Marcus Rose, Managing Director of Valeo Technology, dedicated to creating high performance and wellness focused environments through a sensory design approach.

As an active contributor to research in sensory design, Marcus has established partnerships with some of the world's leading sensory technology companies such as Moodsonic and @aroma. He collaborates closely with architects and designers to integrate unique and supportive sound and scent experiences in the built environment.

Come and learn how, with the help of the right technology, people might leave our buildings feeling better than when the arrived!"

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