People feel best in natural environments. Hearing the sounds of nature indoors can improve restoration, wellbeing and creativity.

A man lies back in a relaxing chair in a workplace, surrounded by natural elements

Measureable client results




Physiological relaxation


Creativity and collaboration


Performance on focus tasks

Workplace soundscapes

Healthy, flexible and inviting office sound. We’re theleading provider of workplace soundscapes around the world.  Learn more about workplace soundscapes here.

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Healthcare soundscapes

Healthcare environments face unique and complex challenges. We’re working with some of the world's largest healthcare organizations to improve patient outcomes.

Read about our collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Education soundscapes

Creativity, focus and behaviour are all affected by sound. Moodsonic can accommodate different learning styles and can even be used for active listening exercises and meditation.

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How companies are using Moodsonic

A vast workplace reception area, inspired by the Himalayan mountains, with stony textured floors and walls, and pebbled shaped seating.

Global tech company

Moodsonic worked with CBRE to celebrate local place and culture for a global technology company in their Gurgaon workplace. The building is set apart in its local biophilic design, immersive soundscapes and sensory spaces.
A modern bright workplace with greenery, warm wood tones, and deep, earthy colors.

Armstrong World Industries

Armstrong’s “Living Lab” is a large testing ground for new technology which pushes innovation in design for employee health, where soundscaping compliments a range of solutions for wellbeing.

Elevance Health

A flexible workplace soundscaping strategy that spans offices across North America.


A workplace soundscape strategy that prioritizes wellbeing and employee agency.


Bespoke workplace soundscapes that enhance multi-sensory biophilic design and root the building in its surroundings.

Elevance Health

A flexible workplace soundscaping strategy that spans offices across North America.


A workplace soundscape strategy that prioritizes wellbeing and employee agency.


Bespoke soundscapes designed to enhance flavor and create an immersive, multi-sensory experience.

What our clients say

“The biophilic soundscapes give people a sense of mental and psychological wellbeing they are not able to find in other spaces. Users love the ability to select a soundscape that fits their individual mood and need. And for heads down work, it’s great to be able to listen to the sounds of nature to help achieve focus. It’s a world of difference from the white noise users hear in other areas of the campus.”
Gale Moutrey

Global VP, Brand Experience and Workplace Innovation

“Our campus has hundreds of Moodsonic audio zones with soundscapes dedicated to collaboration, focused work, small team activities, relaxation and social activities. Employees have commented on how the space supports both collaborative and focused work, as well as how welcoming and restorative the office now is.”
Tim Bright

Director, Corporate Real Estate
Elevance Health & Anthem

The design and business principles of soundscaping

Want to learn more about the practise of soundscaping? Soundscaping for Positive Spaces guides you through the core scientific, design and business principles behind soundscaping.

A brochure entitled "Soundscaping for positive spaces". The article it's open to reads "Creating diverse and accessible spaces".
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Award-winning technology

Moodsonic won Work Design Magazine's Next Environment Competition in the "Return to office" category for workplace innovation.

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WELL Building Standard

Moodsonic's soundscapes can contribute meaningfully to the IWBI's WELL Building Certification.

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Quiet Mark certified

Moodsonic is a Quiet Mark certified high-performance scientifically tested acoustic solution for the built environment.

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Continuing education

Moodsonic's soundscape training is AIA-approved for health, safety and welfare (HSW) learning unit credits.

Soundscaping for neurodiversity

Many people face sensory obstacles in the built environment. This report summarises research related to neurodiversity and sound, and outlines our best practises for neurodivergent employees.
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