Global tech company

Moodsonic worked with CBRE to celebrate local place and culture for a global technology company in their Gurgaon workplace. The building is set apart in its local biophilic design, immersive soundscapes and sensory spaces.

Soundscapes that celebrate place and culture

The design concepts in Gurgaon are inspired by Himalayan landscapes and North-Indian culture. Entering at reception, employees leave the bustle of Delhi behind and are transported to the Himalayan mountains. Walking through the workplace, they encounter mountain peaks, forest trails, monsoon rains, icy lakes and mountain villages.

These spaces are brought to life with soundscapes that reflect and amplify the interior design. Moodsonic's generative soundscaping combines natural sounds from the Himalayas with traditional musical instruments from the region –– like the tanpura (a long, stringed instrument) and the bansuri flute.

Sensory soundscape zoning

In the workplace, everyone has different sensory needs depending on what they’re doing and how they work best. Each area of the Gurgaon workplace has been designed to offer a unique sensory experience. Moodsonic’s soundscapes are used across the building, including in client and employee areas.

Some of the spaces are large and mountainous, with vast panoramic soundscapes, while others are soothing and cozy. And there are more vibrant areas, which are dynamic in their soundscape and layout.

Textures varies from space to space, in sight and sound. There’s lush foliage, stone, ice, water, clouds, rain, and distant thunder.

Soundscapes for restoration

The building provides plenty of spaces for restoration, with social areas, a soothing “Monsoon” focus space and nap rooms. The soundscaping is responsive, generative, and evolve over time. The client can use Moodsonic’s app to choose the right soundscape for a given zone.

This Gurgaon workplace prioritizes employee wellbeing and integrates design concepts that make the space engaging and relevant for the people using it.

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