Bespoke soundscapes designed to enhance flavor and create an immersive, multi-sensory experience.

The sound that we hear around us changes how we taste, touch, feel and smell. So it’s the perfect way to create rich and immersive experiences.

Moodsonic was one of three sensory designers selected to create sensory experiences to amplify the flavors of Diageo's The Singleton 40YO whisky.  The work was exhibited at a luxury event in Shanghai which centered around the theme of “sensorial maximalism”.

Creative and scientific collaboration

Moodsonic’s soundscapes accompanied visual art including 3D motion and sculpture across four rooms. We collaborated with these artists to create sound that amplifies their work and unifies the event.

Visitors sample food and drink throughout the event. We worked with neuroscientists and whisky tasting masters to design soundscapes that enhance specific flavors, like velvety dark chocolate and rich plums.

Creating a sensory journey with sound

As visitors move through the event, Moodsonic’s soundscapes create a sensory crescendo –– beginning with the sound of a minimal, dark dripping liquid and ending in a rich maximalist experiences that engages all of the senses.

This final space – “The Flavour Garden” – is the climax of the event and uses sound as its key sense. The Alice In Wonderland-inspired interior design is accompanied by a soundscape that celebrates the whisky’s Scottish heritage and creates a lush and vast atmosphere.

Within this room are flavor points where visitors build and taste their own luxury cocktail. Here, the soundscape changes, designed to extract and enhance specific flavors and enrich people’s tasting experiences.

In collaboration with Tomas Nordmark
Curation and art direction Alter Projects
Motion graphics Found
Sculpture Zhou – Yilun
Neuroscience Katherine Templar Lewis
PR and film production Bacchus Agency / Something™

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