A workplace soundscape strategy that prioritizes wellbeing and employee agency.

Since our first collaboration in India, GSK and Moodsonic have been working together to create healthier, more employee-centric workplaces around the world.

Change management

Moodsonic has worked closely with GSK to prioritize employee agency as part of the workplace experience.  

We’ve collaborated on change management, so that employees understand the purpose of the workplace soundscapes and can have a say even before they’ve been installed.  

And we’ve introduced zone-by-zone feedback systems. This helps us understand people’s experiences at specific locations and times of day, so that we can fine-tune content.  

Employees can either navigate intuitively to the right space for them or use Moodsonic’s web application to find out about the soundscape options available.

Localized soundscapes

Biophilia and other local design touches play an important part in GSK’s workplaces. Research shows that the wellbeing benefits of biophilia are amplified when the senses are aligned. We’ve worked with scent and interior designers as part of our GSK installations and are creating bespoke local soundscapes for GSK’s offices.

Sensor integration

Moodsonic’s Insight Edge secure sensors are used to both create responsive adaptive soundscapes and to feed sonic data into the real estate’s technology platforms, where information can be analyzed alongside other data.  

Soundscaping at scale

Moodsonic’s soundscapes can be found at GSK workplaces in Europe, Asia and North America. We’re continuing to work with their workplace design teams and real estate technology teams to on new buildings and to optimize the use of Moodsonic within GSK.  

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