Our training makes sound an accessible tool for designers and real estate teams in the built environment.

Continuing education course

Designing for the ears:
How natural soundscapes can create healthier, more impactful buildings

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Health, safety, welfare
60 minutes
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Designers understand the benefits of bringing natural light and natural analogues indoors, but did you know that natural sound can be used to create healthier environments too? 

Complaints about noise are top of the list in most shared indoor buildings spaces. Some are distracting, others lack privacy. Some are eerily quiet, while others are too loud. 

Not all sound is bad, though. Some sounds are incredibly beneficial for human health and performance. Soundscaping is the act of bringing these beneficial sounds indoors to support building users. 

This course will teach the fundamentals of the science of sound – how and why sound affects people. It will review the key considerations in soundscaping so that participants are able to formulate their own high-level designs. And it will explore the relationship between sight and sound, enabling designers to create more impactful spaces. 

The course is relevant to practitioners interested in topics such as wellbeing, biophilic design, neurodiversity and sensory design.

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