Elevance Health

A flexible workplace soundscaping strategy that spans offices across North America.

Elevance Health (previously Anthem) is aFortune 50 health insurance company in North America.

Initial installation

We began our work together at their office inAtlanta, Georgia. It’s a large site, with over fourteen floors and a range of spaces including dining areas, libraries, stairwells and open workspaces.

In Atlanta we initially we implemented a pre-pandemic soundscaping strategy which prioritized focused work. Then, a year later, Elevance over hauled the office. They moved to a hybrid model and flexibility took center stage.

Despite the big strategic changes, the office soundscapes were easily reconfigured from zone to zone. A mix of more varied soundscapes were seamlessly introduced to support a wider range of activities, working stylesand neurodiversity.

The soundscapes’ characteristics vary across zones and time of day. Employees can either navigate intuitively to the right space for them or use Moodsonic’s web application to find out about the options available.

“Our midtown Atlanta campus now has hundreds of audio zones with soundscapes for collaboration, focused work, small team activities, relaxation and social activities. This gives our associates the freedom to move between different environments with differing multi-sensory zoning to find the space that’s best for them at any given time,” explained TimBright, Elevance’s Director of Workplace Experience.

“We aimed to create a refined, energetic, welcoming, and restorative workplace that supports the intentionality behind why and how employees use our office space,” said Tim. “Employees have commented on how the space supports both collaborative and focused work, as well as how welcoming and restorative the office now is."

Soundscaping at scale

Since the initial installation, we’ve worked at a strategic level with Elevance to deploy Moodsonic at scale across Elevance’s locations throughout the US.Moodsonic has now been installed across Elevance workplaces across NorthAmerica.

Elevance has become a benchmark for using soundscapes at scale to improve workplace wellbeing, give employees control and encourage a return to office by ultimately offering a quality of work place experience that surpasses working from home.

Moodsonic’s work with Elevance Health won Work Design Magazine’s 2022 Return to Office award, which recognizes innovation in workplace design.

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