Bespoke workplace soundscapes that enhance multi-sensory biophilic design and root the building in its surroundings.

SAP is a multinational software and technology company. Our first project with SAP was at the company’s Tokyo office.

Multi-sensory biophilic design

SAP Tokyo has biophilic design in abundance. There’s greenery, natural light and biophilic imagery, views from the office onto the resplendent Imperial Palace gardens and sophisticated olfactory design relating to Japanese nature.

By referencing cultural concepts and local biophilia, soundscapes can create spaces that are more relevant and engaging for employees. Plus, scientific research shows that when sight and sound are aligned, the wellbeing benefits of biophilic design are amplified. So, in addition to having accessing to Moodsonic’s library of existing soundscapes, we created a set of bespoke themes for SAP Tokyo. They’re based around the Japanese concept of Kokoro.

Bespoke soundscapes

Kokoro is a Japanese concept which encompasses heart, mind and spirit. In western terms, we might compare it to vibe or energy. All of SAP’s bespoke soundscapes incorporate sounds of Japanese nature, like its famous forests, water features and wildlife. The Heart soundscape focuses on sounds for bodily health. It's designed for workspaces where there’s lots of people and human movement, like cafes or breakout spaces. Mind uses sound for cognition and calm working, and is designed for open-plan focus spaces. And the Spirit soundscape incorporates warm Japanese musical elements in welcome areas.

SAP Tokyo’s employees say that Moodsonic “makes coming to the office worthwhile”. SAP Japan’s workplace lead reports that, “if I mention just one solution that I am glad we implemented in the new office, it is Moodsonic”.

SAP Tokyo has applied for WELL Platinum certification, with credits awarded for Moodsonic soundscaping. Since the Toyko install, Moodsonic has continued to collaborate with SAP on new workplace soundscape installations in Asia.

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