Armstrong World Industries

Armstrong’s “Living Lab” is a large testing ground for new technology which pushes innovation in design for employee health, where soundscaping compliments a range of solutions for wellbeing.

Workplace wellbeing solutions

The site uses a range of workplace wellbeing solutions, including clean air, lighting and real-time insights.

Biophilic design – bringing the outdoors in – is at the forefront of the workplace design concept. Moodsonic works alongside natural light, greenery, warm wood tones, and deep, earthy colors. The soundscaping compliments these initiatives, creating a healthier and more immersive experience by bringing biophilia to another sense – the ears.

The sound is delivered via a range of aesthetically pleasing K-array speakers which integrate into the Gensler-designed space. The soundscaping also works in tandem with Armstrong’s own acoustic solutions to create an optimal audio environment.

Sound for different activities

Moodsonic’s soundscaping is delivered across multiple audio zones. The system operates in open workplaces to mask speech and other distractions using natural sound, and also in smaller spaces like meeting rooms to aid psychological restoration and productivity.

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