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Moodsonic soundscaping awarded Quiet Mark certification

The Quiet Mark logo in the foreground, with a modern biophilic workplace in the background

In commercial real estate, creating spaces that foster both performance and well-being is more important than ever. A key factor that's often overlooked in this is the role of sound. Quiet Mark is a global certification program for the built environment sector, committed to improving sonic environments in commercial and residential spaces.

Quiet Mark identifies solutions that can make work and living spaces not just quieter, but acoustically healthier. Moodsonic has recently been approved as a Quiet Mark certified solution for the building environment.

Moodsonic's smart soundscaping technology has earned the Quiet Mark stamp of approval, signaling an advancement in how we think about sound and building health is thought about. Moodsonic specializes in office soundscaping systems, delivering smart nature soundscapes for employee well-being, offering an innovative approach to managing noise and enhancing the acoustic environment of any space.

The approval process for Quiet Mark certification involves a rigorous assessment to evaluate the effectiveness of building solutions in reducing noise and enhancing acoustic comfort. Quiet Mark's expert assessors conduct a comprehensive review, which includes examining technical data, comparing the product against industry standards for noise reduction and sound quality. This evaluation also takes into account the product's design, usability, and impact on the environment. Only those solutions that meet or exceed Quiet Mark's stringent criteria for acoustic improvement are awarded the certification. This process ensures that certified products offer tangible benefits in creating calmer, more comfortable and healthier living and working environments.

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