Nature's blueprint for healthy buildings

Before we begin, I invite you to close your eyes. Now imagine a place where you feel truly at peace. Somewhere where you’re calm and happy. Where your mind is open and free. Think about what that place looks like. What it smells like. And what it sounds like.

Now open your eyes and come back.

These places usually have one thing in common. Whether we’re lying on a beach, wandering through a forest, or sitting on top of a mountain, most of us feel at our best when we’re out in nature.  

Yet we spend around 90% of our lives indoors.  

The sound in indoor spaces is mostly made by just one species–humans. And most of this sound isn’t part of a designed experience. It’s just a byproduct we call noise. In these buildings, even tiny little sounds can trigger our fight or flight response. Bleeping phones, other people’s conversations, or the eeriness of a quiet building… Most of the sound in the built environment is distracting, overwhelming, stressful, and unnatural. Our primordial sense of hearing isn’t well-adapted to these modern soundscapes. We evolved for survival in nature.  

Natural soundscapes are rich with information. Each place that we listen to is different. Isn’t that beautiful? Everything comes together when you listen.  

The sound of nature is healthy. Nature isn’t just nice to listen to. These sounds have profound effects on our bodies and our brains. Natural sounds can relax us, energise us, or help us focus. Listening to the sounds of nature for just a few minutes can reduce our muscle tension and heart rate.

The sound of nature is intuitive. We intuitively understand so many subtle qualities about a natural environment from its sound.

The sound of nature is ever-changing. Nature doesn’t loop or repeat. The sounds of nature can actually trigger our body’s circadian rhythms.

And nature is a multi-sensory experience. When the senses work with one another, it can amplify the positive benefits of biophilic design.  

Moodsonic uses nature’s blueprint to improve the sound indoors. It creates healthier buildings… Buildings where the soundscape is in tune with our bodies throughout the day. Where you can walk into a space and intuitively understand its purpose. Spaces where all the senses work together in harmony. Inclusive spaces for everyone, where people feel secure, calm, and productive. Sound that’s informed by science. Buildings that root us back to nature.

The design and business principles of soundscaping

Want to learn more about the practise of soundscaping? Soundscaping for Positive Spaces guides you through the core scientific, design and business principles behind soundscaping.

A brochure entitled "Soundscaping for positive spaces". The article it's open to reads "Creating diverse and accessible spaces".